Douglas Park

I, You, We and them - together, meet up to gather around the starting line of a multi-purpose racetrack, looking towards terminal destiny of the final vanishing point.

Perfectly, at exact centre of this cloudless sky ahead, a fuzzy speck arrives, assuming the image of a giant eye.

The cloudless sky swings between dawn and sunset then twilight and dusk, without break. Whenever the cloudless sky is at dawn and sunset, the giant eye sleeps and rests, closed firmly, tight shut, delineated using shadows, stains, burning, soot, cinders, ashes and exhaust fumes; whenever the cloudless sky is at twilight and dusk, the giant eye awakens, gaping wide open and staring, sculpted out of liquid gold, embers and gilding.

The cloudless sky and the giant eye stay switching from one state to the next, each in keeping with the other. From the giant eye, a horizontal city of palaces and temples is founded and goes from strength to strength, while the cloudless sky disappears and the multi-purpose racetrack diminishes and moves into the engulfing horizontal city of palaces and temples. All that is left of multi-purpose racetrack tilts and slants aloft on a sloping incline, until standing straight upright vertically, and inverting as well, so the horizontal city of palaces and temples becomes floor below and ceiling above, when multi-purpose racetrack turns and upends again, horizontal city of palaces and temples is the wall at the side.

Douglas Park
New Haw, Addlestone - UK

© Douglas Park, 2002